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Sept '15 MCA-I Meeting Review

Acting Demo & Tips; Casting Director's Advice; Behind the Scenes with 'Wild Kingdom' New Host — Combine for Very Special Evening

Casting Director Wayne Morse and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom Host Stephanie Arne shared words of wit and wisdom with a full house at Studio Shanks Productions in Aliso Viejo for the September meeting of MCA-i's LA/OC Chapter.  The two featured speakers detailed their experiences in the wilds of Hollywood casting and in the world of wildlife, respectively.

  As the evening began Morse told of his segue from actor to casting director and into work that he felt suited him best. His casting credits include an impressive list of feature films.  In a jam-packed talk Morse offered valuable insights into the film casting process and touched on the differences between auditioning for film, TV, commercials, stage and industrials. He indicated that actors need to know how to handle any audition situation. Each requires an individual approach. And for those who are passionate about their craft and who pursue it unhesitatingly, there can be rewards. He said, “Films will make you rich, television will make you famous, and theatre will make you good.”

Stephanie Arne entertained the room with her animated high-energy talk describing the unusual path that led her to host the new Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

She modestly told of her journey from animal expert at Sea World and at several zoos throu

ghout the United States to her position as first female host of the iconic program. The contemporary version of the well-known animal adventure show currently is served over the Internet. 

Arne works in all aspects of production, developing segments, writing, and she even calls on her considerable gymnastic skills from time-to-time. She is also a sought after public speaker. Just back from scouting a location in Costa Rica, her travels span the globe. Arne amused the crowed with a playing of her original audition video and Wild Kingdom segments.

Preceding the main events, meeting host Patricia Shanks and three young actors gave a demonstration of the Acting for the Camera class and cold reading technique. It was a great warm-up act. The crowd appreicated not only the three talented actors but the techniques and lessons Shanks drew from their performances.








The two actors pictured to the right are Julia Urone (on the left) and Rhiana Schatz opposite her.

Then Meredyth Swafford joined Julia replacing Rhiana, as seen below.

All who attended agreed the program was a special evening with the combination of the Cold Reading Demo, the insightful tips from Casting Director Wayne Morse, and the efervescent Stephanie Arne sharing her personal experiences.

Based on this groups reaction, the ratings for Mutual Of Omaha's Wild Kingdom are sure to climb through the roof!

Studio Shanks Productions in Laguna Niguel is an acting and music training facility offering private lessons and classes in film acting, singing, speaking voice and piano. It is run by talented MCA-i member, Patricia Shanks. Learn more at and  Or call (949) 723-4473.