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MCA-I MEETING RECAP: TherapyCable May 2015

We were invited guests to a taping at the new Orange County streaming video service, TherapyCable where we were introduced to not only their programming concept but a discussion of their low-budget production techniques, sponsor format and business model. It was a unique opportunity for media professionals to go inside the workings of a new media enterprise.

 Our host for the evening was MCA-I member Manny Pacheco (Pacheco on the left with Dr. G.), author of the book series, Forgotten Hollywood and producer/Host of the TherapyCable series of the same name. Manny is a professional broadcaster with a long list of radio and TV credits and excited about his relationship with TherapyCable. He appreciates the audience possibilities via web streaming. He's already recorded 5 episodes for the channel and explained how he adapts his shows to the core mission of TherapyCable.

Pacheco introduced the founder and CEO of Therapy Cable, Dr. Ehsan Garadjedaghi. Affectionately known as Dr. G., he went into detail about the idea behind founding the business and their mission whose motto is, Providing Open Access to Therapy for Anyone at Anytime and Anywhere. Also addressing the group was TherapyCable's lead producer, Franz. He answered questions about equipment, production and post and of course we got to see the production process for ourselves.

Manny Pacheco hosted a panel discussion (in photo L to R: Manny Pacheco, Dr. G, Brian Page, Art Kirsch) between Dr. G, MCA-I chapter president, Art Kirsch and chapter VP Brian Page (The latter two also serve on the international Board of MCA-i) about public service communication which touched on both TherapyCable and the non-profit MCA-i. That show, to appear as an episode of Manny's "Forgotten Hollywood" on TherapyCable, will be edited and offered to the public within a few weeks.

After the event, MCA-I's Art Kirsch thanked Dr. G. and his staff for opening their doors to us. "It's exciting to see people breaking new media ground and establishing valuable communication with the public, as TherapyCable is doing. It's one of the many things our professional members do regularly and we appreciate the chance to connect!"