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MCA-I's Summer Project '14 was Massive & Fun

Our first-ever 'Summer Project' was the video and audio coverage of a unique 2 day community music festival, the "60's OC Musician's Reunion II." MCA-I recruited an all-volunteer crew who shot over both days and recorded all the emotions and music of the historical get-together. Thanks to the 20 media professionals who pitched in, close to 75 hours of video were captured to document the event which was held on three stages.

Event Organizer, Tom Potts, enlisted the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-I as a fiscal sponsor to help raise money to hold the two-day reunion and capture it for posterity with a TV Special.

Paul Williams & Tom Potts

About four years ago Tom created the 60s OC Musicians Group on Facebook as a loosely organized club of over 250 musicians who grew up and played in Orange County during the 1960's. Most were in High school in that decade and all were in local bands.

The reunion brought most of the musicians back together for only the second time in over 40 years. While most still live in California there were many who flew in from places like Kansas City, Nashville and Oregon.

Some of the musicians appeared only on Saturday and others came only for Sunday so the acts varied each day. A total of over 100 played on at least one of the three festival stages —many in their original groups with names like the Chancellors, the Youngmen, the Surreys, the Sol-Mars, the Cutaways and Stonehenge. But there were many fantastic jam sessions as well. The Elks set up an outdoor festival stage for the bands and also has a regular indoor stage and a lounge area where bands played.

"Fabulously talented musicians including a number of nationally known figures, along with some really touching moments during the awards presentations will make this a wonderful television special," said producer-director John Coleman. "We had a great film and sound crew with up to a dozen cameras on each day-- sometimes six on a given stage at one time!" Audio recording was supervised by Bruce McCoy

"If you lived during the 1960s you know it was a was a time of great musical variety," said organizer Tom Potts. Genres were coming and going—from what today we call 'oldies' to folk, jazz, standards and let's not forget the British Invasion! "One of the things that made Orange County a hotbed of music in the 60s was the origination of Surf Music!" Potts observed. "And we have some of the originators of that sound in out group!"

The highlight of Sunday night was an awards ceremony honoring some of the most famous OC musicians of the 60's including the late Leo Fender (creator of Fender Guitars in Fullerton.) Leo's widow, Phyllis, spoke warmly to the crowd; the Rillera brothers who toured nationally with a number of top ten groups; Grammy winning singer-songwriter Paul Williams; Righteous Bros Bill Medley and the late Bobby Hatfield whose children accepted the award in his honor. Then all the musicians got together for a historic group photo.

The event, held at the Garden Grove Elks club, was captured on video by a crew of 20. According to Coleman about 75 hours of footage were produced. "It will be a massive editing project," he said. "And since the whole project is volunteer labor, we're looking for editors who want to be involved." Potts joined in: " The footage looks and sounds fantastic. Thanks to everyone who participated in capturing this historic get-together!"

The volunteer media production crew included a large number of experienced professionals and a few talented amateurs working together over the 2 days. Audio was captured by a crew that included Brian Page, John Lister, Bruce McCoy, Robert Becker, Chris Parks and Pat Quilter, the latter three of Quilter Sound Labs which provided PA speakers and mixer.

The video Crew, headed by John Coleman included Bill Clark, Chris Babbitt, George Barker, Rudy Garcia, Joan Grandizio, Art Kirsch, Josh Hodges, Linda Ivanov, Julian Mendez, Cesar Vallejo, Gerry Grant, Brian Demers, and Jeff Ly.

(Photo Below: Paul Willims and Bill Medley surrounded by the OC Musicians who have shared the stage with them at one time over the years)