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VO Peeps Special Event
 with Steve Savanyu
 from Audio-Technica! On JUNE 28th!

VO Peeps are proud to announce a LAST MINUTE EXCLUSIVE PEEP EVENT that has US BUZZING! Steve Savanyu, Director of Educational Services for Audio-Technica U.S.’s Consumer and Professional products divisions will be EDUCATING us in the HOUSE on Saturday, June 28th! This event is for anyone interested in audio and voice work!

Don’t wait around for another news flash, sign up now at the VO Peeps site and we promise you won’t be disappointed! You'll get an Audio Education second to none - Steve is an accomplished presenter and teacher, and has over 40 years of professional audio experience in live sound, contracting, studio and broadcast applications.

 Steve Savanyu has also worked on large live and broadcast events including the Presidential/Vice Presidential Debates (2008 & 2012), and the 2008 New York City Papal Visit. As Director of Educational Services, Steve is primarily responsible for all aspects of training management, content creation and educational support for Audio-Technica U.S.’s Consumer and Professional products divisions.

Additionally Steve exercises his creative side producing videos and other interactive content for Audio-Technica’s website, YouTube channel, and trade show exhibit. He exercises his VO skills providing the voice behind A-T training materials and videos. Steve is recognized as an INFOCOMM Academy adjunct faculty member and teaches audio courses at Kent State University in Kent Ohio.

Did you say PRIZES?!?

It wouldn’t be a HEADLINE NEWS EVENT if we didn’t offer PEEP Prizes and this event has got some doozies!!  As if it weren't ENOUGH that Steve would come to generously share his extensive audio engineering knowledge with us, Steve and AUDIO-TECHNICA have GENEROUSLY offered up AT pro

ducts and services which you will have a chance at winning JUST FOR ATTENDING!!! How about a NEW AT-2020 USB + or a new pair of ATH-M50 headphones to SHOUT ABOUT to the press!? This is an EVENT you won’t want to miss! So call a VO Peep Pal and get yourself down to Irvine on Saturday, June 28th starting at 6:30 pm for this EXCLUSIVE ADD-ON EVENT! !

Join Us!

So Please don’t delay!  Sign up today to join us at our special exclusive event and meetup with some FABULOUS TALENTS who will inspire you and get your VO career heated up for SUMMER!  Also, the ever amazing Chef Jerry will be tantalizing our taste buds with his amazing cuisine! Oh - and for those of you who can't join us live in person, we WILL be broadcasting all of the fun on our VOPeeps Channel - and we'll have some surprises for our Internet audience as well!

If you live in Orange County, CA area and are interested in becoming a member and attending our bi-monthly meetings, please make sure to fill out our membership application. Also, make sure to sign up for our email list to keep up with the latest happenings of the group.  Thank you for your interest and hope to see you all at the meetup!