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REVIEW: OC Media Org. Leadership Roundtable May 21, 2014

MCA-i recently hosted a Leadership Roundtable for OC media associations to address common issues of membership. Representatives of seven different membership organizations attended the May 21, 2014 event and all deemed it a successful evening.

The simple agenda included sharing challenges and best practices the organizations have to recruit and serve their constituencies. While moderator Walter Davis of MCA-i kept things moving he was also mind-mapping the conversation. The resulting list of subjects—problems and solutions—organized by categories and sub-categories will be shared with participants. The roundtable was also recorded on video for participant's review. The leaders found they face many common problems and were happy to share and compare their organizations' best ideas to recruit and maintain satisfied members.

Besides sharing the results of the evening with their respective boards, everyone agreed that more interchange and cooperation between their organizations was desirable. A common event calendar was discussed and steps will be taken to find an easy-to-use solution.

Participating in this Leadership Roundtable were moderator, Walter Davis, president of Media Communications Association-international LA/OC Chapter; Ad Federation board member, Tina Wilson who is also co-president of MAOC; Ad 2 OC president, Torrey Tayenaka; Media Alliance co-president Rick Sherman; OC Multi-Media Assoc. president, Cynthia Gordon; OCMMA Sig organizer Ivan Taylor; Professional Videographers Network president Petr Hasa as well as the founder-president of VO Peeps, Anne Ganguzza. Seven other media organizations sent regrets that they could not participate due to scheduling. One organization had closed shop.

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