May 21, 2014 MCA-I Hosts Leadership Roundtable

On Wednesday, May21 the LA/OC Chapter of MCA-i is hosting a roundtable discussion of membership outreach and service for all the non-profit media organizations in OC. We've invited over a dozen organizations to participate.  The idea is to bring together the leadership to solve a common problem: membership outreach and involvement. With a page taken from MCAI's MediaProCamp, the format is designed to share common experiences, best practices and find solutions to serve our respective members and the community at large. The evening will be moderated by MCA-i president Walter Davis and will be recorded for the organizations to  use at a later date. Space is limited so it's not open to the public but anyone representing a non-profit media organization is welcome to join.  Location: Digital Media Center at 1300 S. Bristol St in Santa Ana, beginning at 6:30 PM.