Meeting Review: Jan 15th 2014

It was a full house at the OC Sound Stage for the LA/OC Chapter's "Audio! Audio! Audio!" presentation at the first meeting of 2014. As often happens, many people who did not RSVP via the chapter's meetup site showed up, so food was in short supply…but participation was not. The seats were filled with media pros from every area--audio, video, performers, etc.

After short opening comments from the three experts on the panel (on professional audio pet peeves,) MC John Coleman of Twin Oaks Communications, made it clear that the experience and wisdom of the audience was to be part of the process. As a result, the great commentary from panelists, Tim Keenan, Chief Engineer at Creative Media Recording; Rick Sherman of Sherman Sound Suite; and Brian Page of Vocal Images, was reinforced and expanded upon by real-life stories from the audience. Along with some really intelligent questions from the observing pros the evening was one of good-natured collaboration. Someone likened it to the vibe at MCAI's annual MediaProCamp held each June.

The event was held in conjunction with PVN, the OC's Professional Videographers Network. That org's president, Petr Hasa, who is also the Stage Mgr for the OC Sound Stage, set up a projector/screen and kept the program well-illustrated with relevant images from the internet. He also rolled in a number of video and audio example clips provided by the panel. The evening opened with a short but powerful video from's Travis, which convincingly put forth the premise that audio is at the very least 50% of any video's success.

And composer Rick Sherman was prepared with his keyboard. He demonstrated the versitility of musical arrangements and how they can make a difference in the audio post-production of a film.

As usual, there was plenty of professional networking going on both over food before-hand and after the official goodnight while wrapping up. Post-event comments on the Meetup site endorsed the successful evening:

Our favorite was from Bonnie Erdich,. She wrote: "I loved the part about ADR, thought it was just for the "Big Boys" in Hollywood, but they made it simple to reproduce voices that didn't record well on location. It was really worth attending, so many great tidbits from pros who have suffered the consequences of not knowing. Thanks!"

While MCA-I makes an effort to present a wide variety of subjects at their monthly meetings you can be sure that every meeting is of value to working professionals. So why not join us every month? Just be sure to let us know you're coming by your RSVP on our meetup page!