Holiday Party ’12 Was More Fun Than A Barrel of Burritos!

For a Monday night, Las Fajitas, was rockin’! The cozy Irvine restaurant, known for Fresh Mex more than expansive ambience, was SRO with OC media professionals. Most were members of one of the six sponsoring organizations but many non-members came to celebrate with us as well. It was on open invitation to every professional working in media. Between the socializing, doorprizes, white elephant gift exchange and great food, everyone had fun.

With spouses, significant others and friends coming from LA, San Diego, the Inland Empire and even as far away as Ohio, the event was sold out. Art Kirsch, who serves on the board of three or more OC media organizations including MCA-I, checked people in. PVN’s Peggy Pattison helped make sure everyone got a meal ticket and a chance for the raffle doorprizes.

VO Announcer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of MCA-I, was a cordial host, keeping all the moving parts of the busy event working together and getting people collecting business cards. Meanwhile, Las Fajitas’ Kelly and crew kept the delicious food coming.

Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording  was in charge of the doorprize raffle. He and wife Linda took the money donated by MCA-I and purchased a number of fun items. Members of the Media Alliance board including Tim and Brad Hagen donate prizes as well. Electronic equipment manufacturer, For –A, based in OC also donated merchandise and the VO Peeps donated branded T-shirts and other swag for the raffle. The largest prize, a one-year advertisement on Encore, was donated by Encore Directory publisher, Liz Ervin. Someone estimated that almost two thirds of the audience walked away with a free doorprize!

PVN’s Peter Hasa and president John Lister were in charge of the gift exchange. As expected, gifts ($15 was the maximum) varied from the sought after and often exchanged (wine, liquor and Starbucks gift cards) to the you-can-keep-it kind (keychain flashlites.) PVN member Joe Micalizzi got stuck with the ultimate white elephant—a low end gift that has been regifted annually for close to 5 years!

Since there was so much giving and choosing and raffling going on official speeches and presentations were minimal. On behalf of the entire OC media community MCA-I presented three Shining Star Awards. Walter Davis, Anne Ganguzza and Art Kirsch were all honored for their various efforts serving the non-profit media community. Also representatives of each of the six sponsoring organizations got a chance to say a few words and offer good wishes to all.

With rain ending earlier in the day it was a nice evening and the crowd spilled over to the front patio. Set up just outside the door was VO artist-slash-Director-slash-producer-slash-writer-and-community outreach director for Local View Media News, Connie Mustang. She was webcasting interviews via her i-phone. A neat little setup and a great leap forward in mass communication. The interviews are for her new venture, VO News.TV. As Founder, Producer and Host, Connie has designed VO News.TV to bring industry news to the voice over community. It launches December 15th.

And if you haven't gotten enough of the party via the slide show at the top of our home page, you can also see photos of the event at LA/OC Chapter of MCAI’s FaceBook page and on the VO Peeps website