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From The President, July 2011

MediaProCamp III was a great success by any measure. We had good attendance, great breakout sessions, fantastic free food, a perfect location and wonderful speakers for the keynote. All this was possible because of the volunteers who came together to plan, organize and execute a day of learning and networking.


Those of us who took part in putting MPCIII together did it because it is a fun and exciting project to be part of. To all of you volunteers who gave a little of your time and effort – thank you on behalf of all of us who benefitted. It was a great ProCamp!

MediaProCamp is one example of how MCA-I is promoting and enhancing your careers. Monthly meetings are a continual source of training, knowledge, information and great networking opportunities. Still, the best and most economically sensible way to take advantage of all that MCA-I has to offer is to become a member. This past year the decision was made by our national Board to cut the cost of membership in half, making membership easier than ever. Now, for only $80 you can join this dynamic group of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, grips, actors, voice over talent, composers, engineers, web designers, graphic artists and on and on.MCA-I is is about you--your career and your business. We love having you as a guest but you'll get a lot more by being a member. Sign up online here.

For all you current members, this is the time to tell any colleagues about this. Invite someone to join you at and upcoming monthly meeting and let them see for themselves what we are about and to take advantage of this great opportunity.

See you at the next meeting!

—Mark Alexander, LA/OC chapter President