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Newport Beach Film Festival

ImageOur chapter has much to be proud of, having had over 15 volunteers working on the Newport Beach Film Festival Awards Show, April 29.

Our members, many of whom also belong to the Media Alliance of Orange County (the sponsoring organization) supplied teams of producers/reporters/videographers to cover the events during the week prior to the awards evening. Each team shot and edited selected events, which were edited into short video segments and viewed at various times during the awards presentations.

ImageA long format show for cable and broadcast television will be edited to recap the week's events, culminating in the Awards Night.

Many of our members volunteered long hours to videotape and edit, sometimes with only an hour's notice. Many were at the Awards Presentation for setup and actual production. We can't thank them enough for their contributions. Our association and we received much recognition from the sponsors and filmmakers at the event (our hanging banner didn't hurt).

ImageChapter Vice-President John Coleman, who made us proud with his tireless contributions for many weeks prior to the show, was the Executive Producer of the Awards Show and the Director of the TV taping that night.

Dennis Backer, Chapter President, was Senior Producer for the producer/reporter/videographer teams, and Stage Manager at the show. Grace McKay, board member and Past President, edited and directed the video playback during the show.

Image Other chapter volunteers included

Beverly Turner, Videographer; Teri Tieman, Writer; Roger Craig Smith, Reporter and Producer; Bill Jones, Voiceovers; Fina Lee Bentley, Producer and Reporter; Marc Foster, Animator; Rick Sherman, Sound and Music; Gary Stone, Videographer; John Primm, Videographer and Editor; Larry Goldsmith, Videographer and Editor; Travis, Voiceovers; Bill Brown, Voiceovers and Presenter; Tina Wilson, Voiceovers; Tim Keenan, Audio Recording, and Emmett Kesel, Production Assistant.

A job well done by all. We should all be proud.