Coming’Round the Corner'

You need to do something right now. You need to look at your calendar and write in when the next MCA-I meeting is. Hint: Third Wednesdays of the month. Why? Because we are going places and I don’t want you left behind. Thanks to the efforts of the chapter board and committee members, MCA-I’s OC/LA chapter is continuing to grow as a...


strong and vital part of the media community. Our chapter meetings and events are incredible opportunities for you to meet your media soul mates and learn about technology and production workflows.Coming up this month we are meeting at Silver Dream Factory in Anaheim. We love OC Soundstage in Irvine and will continue to call it “home” but every once in awhile it’s nice to step out. Keep an eye out for our Meetup Group notice and make sure you join us Wednesday, April 20.

In no time at all, our third MediaProCamp will be here. There really is no better free single day event that can provide you with this much opportunity for fantastic information and networking opportunities. Get the word out about this unique program and be sure to join us in June.

On another front, our national organization is in the process of establishing a working plan that will allow chapters to utilize the organization's 501c(3) charity status in any number of productive ways. For our part in this, our chapter has established a committee that is exploring the possibility of professionally producing media for other non-profits who might otherwise not be able to afford it. There are many questions that still need to be addressed but the point is that it is being actively pursued and could very well turn out to benefit area non-profits and MCA-I members alike. Stay tuned.

On top of these, the membership rate to join MCA-I has been cut in half! This was done as part of a concerted effort to grow the organization into one of the strongest media associations in the country. This alone should make you want to join right now! If you are currently not an official member this is the time to go for it. $80 is all it takes and you are in. For complete info and to join go to

So make sure to join the party and get involved with MCA-I’s OC/LA chapter. Things are moving along nicely and we want you right there with us!

--Mark Alexander, Chapter President
Alexander Video Productions