Workshop For VO Pros in Feb ’11

MCAI Member Tim Keenan, chief engineer and Voice-Over Director of Creative Media Recording and Sylvia Aimerito, talented air personality and VO Actor, will hold their annual VO workshop this February.

Tim and Sylvia’s voice-over workshop is legendary among working professionals for its in-depth training and top professional level approach. Held one night a week over 4 weeks — this year February 8th thru March 1st—the

workshop takes full advantage of Tim’s studio and his 30 years in the business. Creative Media Recording in Cypress is one of the premier voice and spoken word recording facilities in OC.

While it may not be polite to discuss Sylvia Aimerito’s longevity in the industry in quite the same detail, we can say that we’ve heard her charming tones in just about every radio format, on commercials and doing video narration for a number of years. Most recently, Sylvia is our favorite personality on K-Earth 101. Besides being a highly experienced pro she’s a great teacher. Her Audio Girl Productions is a full-service audio and video production company specializing in voice overs, VO talent casting, music soundtracks and audio logos for broadcast and non-broadcast commercials and special projects.

Besides honing voice actors’ performing and auditioning skills, the workshop also covers a list of business subjects important to working professionals such as: working with other actors; who to contact for VO work; effective self promotion; and what clients expect when they hire voice talent.

This is a great way for voice talent to kick their career into high gear! Don’t miss it!

Voice-Over Workshop for Working Professionals
Tuesday Evenings –February 8 thru March 1, 2011, 6:30 to 9:30 PM

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