First Cut: 2011

For me, as an editor, the New Year is like a brand new editing project. There is much anticipation about the potential and the possibilities. Clips are waiting in a bin for their perfect placement into the timeline. Like an editing project, our chapter timeline has “clips” that are made up of meetings and events, presentation topics and a schedule. The programming committee has created a “rough cut” and has a pretty good idea of what the overall timeline will look like. In reality though, the editing has just begun.

Just as an edited video needs to have a variety of elements added such as effects, graphics, music and narration, the upcoming year for our chapter needs elements to really make this thing “pop”. You and I are those elements. We are the special effects, the music and the narration. We need to take this piece from rough cut to final cut. So what the heck am I really talking about here? Easy – your participation.

The right sound effect at the right moment in a timeline can add so much to the overall piece. And in the same way, just a little participation on your part can make a big difference to the success of the chapter. Things like coming a little early to a meeting and helping with set-up or offering to help at the door are a couple of examples. Videotaping the meetings would be really easy for many of us and yet it would be a big help since we would like to see the meetings be available as online archives. For you writers in our chapter, putting a piece together for the newsletter would be fantastic. A couple more examples of elements that would contribute to the “final cut” could be to get involved in this year’s Media Pro Camp or volunteering to become a board member. Any and all of these are hugely significant even though they are very easy to do.

The final version of the 2011 MCA-I oc/la timeline is going to depend on integrating the elements into a well crafted piece that we are all proud of. This year, make the choice to be a part of the “editing”. Volunteer a couple hours here and there and make a big difference to not only the success of the chapter but to your own success as well.

Wishing you a prosperous 2011. Happy editing!

Mark Alexander, Chapter President