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All About Audio—August 2010

Mark your datebook for the August MCAI meeting. Besides expanding your network, getting tips on marketing yourself and your business, the evening will be All About Audio:

Because your feedback said you want more info on state-of-the-art professional audio we're putting together a panel of experts who will answer your questions as well as present useful tech tips and production techniques. Included will be an experienced field production soundman, an audio post production mixer and sweetener and an equipment guru. They'll all have important information, the latest technology and plenty of expert opinions to share with you.

As always (well almost) it will be on the third Wednesday of the month, in this case that's August 18th. For more information check back regularly to the MCAI-OC Home page. And make sure you're on our mailing list.The subscribe link is on our home page on the lower right.