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Top Five at NAB

I found a wide variety of items, products, systems, ideas, at NAB

So here is my top five list, in no particular order...


HUDZEE Hudzee makes a case for hard drives that look like tape cases- small betacam size, or just about. This is very cool for editors and anyone else who has been accumulating boxes full of hard drives, archival client projects, home videos, whatever!

 VOCAS  Vocas makes a support system for smaller cameras, much like other brands, Zacuto, etc. But I like this one a lot, because of the way they are made, and the way the camera and shoulder mount are positioned. The over the shoulder support is positioned so the camera is more centered in front of the shooter. Additionally, there is a weight system for counterbalance, so the weight of the rig can be balanced on the shoulder. The weights can be replaced by brick batteries if you choose. The system is infinitely adjustable so it can be fitted to each individual shooter. Use it for video cameras or digital still cameras.

FILECATALYST  FileCatalyst allows moving large files around the internet in a private, rapid system. Use webmail or their own ftp-style accelerated system.

SPEEDSTREAM  Speedstream is one of a class of devices that have emerged this year to broadcast directly, live from a camera in almost any area. I call these devices BATLINKS, but they probably have their own names. Speedstream utilizes the new 4G/Wimax networks that are being built out across the nation, and will roll out in OC early next year. Priced at around 15K right now, I expect prices to drop in the coming year.

DELVE  DelveNetworks is a mid-range Content Delivery Network that has pay-per-view functionality available. See for a sample. I view this as emerging technology that we will all be interested in soon.