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On November 19th, Join ProMAX CEO, Jess Hartman, and Matrox Sr. Product Mgr, Wayne Andrews,for a FREE Webinar all about using CODEC H.264. Learn why it's become the standard for web, mobile and Blu-Ray; positives and negatives of working with it; encoding options--and a lot more. Don't miss this opportunity to discuss all the details! To register for the webinar...

Go online to: or call ProMax at 800.977.662. The webinar starts at 11:00 AM sharp via Go To Meeting but you must register beforehand.

  Join ProMAX online November 19th at 11:00 AM Pacific for this free live webinar to learn:

* Why H.264 has become the standard CODEC for delivery to the web, phone and Blu-ray
* The positive and negative of working with H.264
* Example workflows with Final Cut and Premier
* Review current encoding applications for Mac and PC including a comparison of rendering times
* Options for speeding up Rendering Times

Join ProMAX and Matrox for this very detailed discussion on H.264.

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