Links for Multi-Camera Production Oct 09

 The October 09 meeting was about different ways to shoot a multi-camera production

John Coleman on shooting large events with a full remote truck:
Twin Oaks Communications 
Scroll down on left column—click on TV Programs
Scroll down to Monterey Historics –Click on read more
Click on video to play

Website for Laguna Seca—track map
On Nav Bar—pulldown Fan Info and click on Track Map

 Website for Mira Mobile
Compare M2, M-3, and M-5

John Coleman on shooting with smaller trucks
Coast Media Teleproductions- truck for sale or rent…

John Coleman on Fly Paks—Bruce Gleason’s Thumbs Up VIdeo
Click on right photo
On next page on left side menu click on PRODUCTION to see photos of equipment


Bill Ennis on multi camera production –all iso cams for post production
Click on About Us

Bills Client:  Ms Fitness
Scroll down to menu on left and click on video clip of the week… access to 4+ clips


Gary Stone on shooting an interview with one camera in greenscreen and adding the BG in post to look like three cameras:

Gold Standard Productions;
Click on: Director of Photography

The Finished Video –on the clients (Brandon Investment Partners) website:
To access enter any name  & email


And Finally... A Paen to the difficulty of keying in Kermit the Frog