Membership Pays!

Ask any MCAI Member and you'll get a positive response that membership pays off - in ways both tangible and intangible. For the more commercial minded, start by examining the long list of professional services and products available to MCAI members at significant discount.

Notice that these are top of the line companies and products you ACTUALLY USE in your business! Also check out the separate list of 'business services' that offer MCAI Member discounts. Just utilizing a few of these from either list throughout the year can more than pay for your dues.

Most important however is the intangible-the networking and professional connections you'll make through MCAI-both locally and nationally! In our world, you never know where your next job will come from or by what round-about path of referrals. That's why networking is so important. MCAI connects you not only with other professionals locally but nationally as well. There's over 20 chapters throughout the US as well as and connections to countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Germany.

I've gotten calls from folks around the country because of my MCAI membership and the way I look at it, those jobs paid for my dues for a few years to come! But the same is true for local contacts I've made at monthly meetings. Not only have I benefited by getting work but I've also found a number of good people I could hire to work with me on some of my projects. And every month my circle expands as I meet new people at MCAI Meetings.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of the information you get at MCAI Meetings. The topics are cutting edge and the speakers are first rate. Our industry changes so fast it's tough to stay on top of everything but MCAI meetings are a great, convenient resource. I find that I don't want to miss a meeting, whether it's for the program or the social networking!

So I hope you'll consider joining MCAI today for all the reasons I've listed. It's easy to do. Go to and be sure to mention my name in the referral box!

See you at the next meeting!

John Coleman