April President's Message


Yep, just like our individual members, our chapter is into social networking! That’s why we created the Orange County New Media Meetup Group. Past President Dennis Backer got the idea and it’s been a big success for us.

I am proud to say that since the OC/LA chapter of MCAI has joined Meetup.com, we have been able to network and get to know a lot of new people who are a part of the visual communications industry that we may not have otherwise met. Of course, networking and connecting professionals from every discipline of the media is one of the main purposes of MCAI.


For those of you who are familiar with meetup.com, I hope that you've come to enjoy the Meetup site as much as I have. However there has been some confusion about the difference between our MCAI chapter and our Meetup group. Joining the Meetup, like most social networking sites, costs nothing and only puts you in virtual contact. The MCAI charges a small fee for meetings (to cover the cost of refreshments and other expenses) and of course, as an international organization with a long list of benefits for media professionals, it has a yearly dues structure for members. Most of our MCAI members have joined the free Meetup group but conversely, many of the Meetup members are not yet members of MCAI. The confusion comes when Meetup members who are not also MCAI members arrive at the door of an MCAI event and find they will be charged the non-member rate! I hope that by explaining it this will take some of the shock out of paying at the door.


Of course, we’d love to have everyone become a member of MCAI but until then, be sure to come to our monthly meetings where you’ll ‘meet-up’ with lots of talented professionals. And if you haven’t yet joined the Orange County New Media Meetup Group, I suggest that you go to our meetup.com page because I think you will be quite surprised at the variety of people you will find registered there. www.newmedia.meetup.com/82


The whole concept of meetup, is to encourage people with like-minded interests to get together in person. For MCAI it’s just another way for media professionals to find us and broaden our community for the benefit of all!

I look forward to “meeting up” with you at our future events.


Tina Wilson

MCAI President