Meeting Recap - October 20, 2004

Our October 20th general meeting was held at WILD WEST MEDIA in Irvine.
A big thank you is due to BERNARD SAMRA, Operations Manager of WILD WEST MEDIA for the use of their facility.  As their main studio was set up for a shoot, we met in their green room.  It was very cozy and just right.  The turn out was quite good considering the rain.  Wild West Media is a wonderful facility with a large stage and post-production on site.  They can be reached at

President DENNIS BACKER welcomed everyone and introduced the board members.
Announcements were made about upcoming meetings by Vice President JOHN COLEMAN.  LARRY GOLDSMITH announced that the Halloween Swap Meet has been rescheduled for November.  Announcements about the swap meet will be reaching everyone on the mailing list.

John Coleman then introduced our speaker, GERRY GRANT of  This was a very informative topic about what goes on "behind the scenes" of a search on the Internet.  By a show of hands it was discovered that most MCA-I members have a website and maintain it on their own.  Gerry's business is all about making sure your website is close to the top of the first web page listing of sites a person would find doing a search.  His web site explains some of the many tools he uses to make sure your website is found by search engines.  He gave us a brief overview of how key words work on a web site and some of the sites that come up with a list of associated words that people might type in when looking for video production services.

Gerry also had some tips that can bring more traffic to your website such as making sure there is some good copy on the top of the site that explains what you do, avoid fancy Flash openings that mean nothing to search engines, having the title of your web page be meaningful, and to use real words when naming a photo file.

He also talked about pay per click services that are employed by companies who typically are spending $50,000 or more per month on Internet advertising.  I had no idea that some companies have to pay over $5.00 every time someone click on an ad.

One way in which your site gets noticed is to have links to and from other sites.  Grace McKay made the suggestion that all of our member ought to have a link to the MCA-I site on their site.  I agree with that and have had a link to MCA-I and MAOC for quite some time, as well as the Encore Directory.  You can see how I did it on my site when you simply click on "Links."  I'm always sending people there who ask me for a job, or advice on getting into the video business.

JOHN COLLINS made an announcement about a website he maintains called   If you are into networking, this site is for you.  You can find groups by interest on the site, and there is a wonderful calendar feature.  The MCA-I meetings are listed, as well as many other groups.

Much thanks goes to JOHN COLEMAN for the food and the program, and to GRACE MCKAY for the equipment.

John Primm, MCA-I Secretary