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2008 Web 2.0 for Television and Video Producers

ImageA series of workshops to explore
new opportunities
new methods of communication.


ImageOCTOBER 15 2008
ARE YOU STREAMING?  This month we are taking a close look at how our members and participants are using video on the web. We will be looking at samples video that is currently streaming. the discussion will center on analysis of the video content, the streaming solutions selected, and logic of various streaming options. If you are currently using streaming video on your own or on your clients behalf, we would like to feature you in this meeting. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be included

ImageOCTOBER 31 2008

ImageNOVEMBER 19 2008
"OK, let's tie all of these WEB2.0 concepts together" This meeting is a recap and overview of the entire WEB2.0 Media playing field. We will take another look at Blogging, Social Networking, Web Video Sharing, Podcasting, Traffic and CEO, and E-Commerce.

ImageDECEMBER 3 2008

  Annual Christmas networking Party at Angelo and Vinci’s in Fullerton CA