Next Wednesday June 20, 2007

 REDy, Set, Showtime!
Video Resources, Inc. and MCA-I
present: “SEEING RED”

Don’t miss this triple special program: talk with RED Camera reps, Apple reps about Final Cut Pro 6 and the folks from Keycode Media about latest in capture cards from AJA and other great toys.

In an intimate small venue setting, representatives from RED Digital Cinema will be on hand to showcase the revolutionary new RED ONE Camera, its accessories and high-definition workflow. The RED ONE system is all about innovation. Everything about the RED ONE and RED Digital Cinema is about breaking the rules and contributing to the remarkable advancements in 4k Digital Cinematography. Once you understand how this camera is changing the landscape of film and digital cinematography, the word revolution is truly appropriate to describe the RED ONE camera. As technology advances, so must we. Read what Director Peter Jackson has to say about his experience with RED and don’t miss this unique opportunity to see what all of the buzz is about!

But wait! There’s more! Next on the bill, a presentation on the newly released Final Cut Pro 6 from Apple reps. Yeah I know, but they begged so we caved (the framed first edition of MacWorld magazine on Brad's wall and our recent purchase of six copies of Final Cut may have been the clincher). Hear the Apple folks discuss how to best optimize your workflow with Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Server to deliver everything you need to produce your next potential Award winning show.

And as an added bonus, the folks from Keycode will also be on hand to showcase the latest toys from AJA including the new Kona and Xena capture cards and to answer your questions on any of their other products.

A triple bill with more stars then the Aroura Borealis, without the drive to Hollywood. You won’t find 3 bigger stars of the industry in the same place outside major trade shows. From acquisition, to input, to edit, you’ll see products to create an entire new workflow. This is a must not miss event!

Food and drink will be provided as well as some swell door-prizes. Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone.  See you Wednesday!

6:30 PM Mixer and facility tours

7:15 PM Presentation

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