THE OC/LA Chapter of MCAI recently received an envelope full of hand-written letters from the students of McGarvin Intermediate School in Westminster, CA thanking us for speaking at their annual Career Day.  "From listening to you I was inspired to do internet," wrote Michael.  Josh thought we "gave the best presentation I have seen were very interactive."  Six members, Bill Ennis, Marcelo Lewin, Tim Keenan, John Coleman, John Primm and Travis The Voice Guy, volunteered to speak to the children as part of the MCAI Speakers Bureau. 

As they shared their professional experiences from working in various media fields, the volunteers videotaped the 7th and 8th graders. They will edit the footage into a short, fun DVD of the day as a memento for the students.  The pros found the students quite interested and were surprised at how many were interested in careers in the media.  In case you thought the younger generation isn't media savvy, 7th grader, Cecilia can open your eyes: "My friends and I make short films. Usually I'm the one who actually produces it using a program on my computer...(you) gave me a whole new view on filmmaking! I have so many new ideas on how to improve my films!"  Well, Cecilia, you and your classmates gave our members a new perspective as well!

MCAI's Speakers Bureau offers media professionals as guest speakers for community and non-profit organizations on a request-by-request basis. All speakers are MCAI members who volunteer their time and expertise as a public service.