ImageIn late February, 2007, the MCAI OC/LA Chapter was asked to provide one speaker for the annual Career Day at McGarvin Intermediate School in Westminster. We responded by sending six! The OC/LA Chapter of MCAI has an informal “Speakers Bureau” that offers our professional members as speakers free to schools, colleges and non-profit organizations. For Business organizations a small honorarium is required. In the case of McGarvin’s Career Day we pulled out all the stops.

Under the leadership of chapter president, John Coleman of Twin Oaks Communications, the members formed two groups and manned two different classrooms as the students rotated through in half-hour waves. John Primm of DV Post and new member, Marcelo Lewin, aka The Digital Media Dude who works for Shea Homes Media Services, brought their cameras. Not only did the six media professionals share their career advice but they taped the presentations—and the students— for a short memento video to be presented to the school.

Members Bill Ennis of Media Magic, www.MediaMagic.TV Tim Keenan of Creative Media Recording and Travis of Travis Voice Services as well as Coleman were in front of the cameras and the students. The six provided a unique diversity of talents and specialties that reflects the broad base of the MCAI organization. Each of the members had similar production experience but different specialties, ranging from producing, directing and performing to videography, website development, corporate films and broadcast programs.

The seventh and eighth graders of McGarvin were bright and attentive, even though the most desirable occupation for them seemed to be video game developer! (or was that professional video game player?) Besides giving their time generously for that day, all the MCAI participants will help finish the short, fun video presentation that will feature the students. Look for a copy of it on the chapter website later in the spring!