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The January MCA-I meeting featured 2 noted ASC cinematographers sharing insights, a special preview presentation on a new HD camera and a cool door prize. Those who were not able to attend missed an educational, informative exciting and fun evening.

Steve Milley and the new JVC GY-HD250U Camera

It was hosted by Steve Milley and JVC in their Cypress offices. Thanks to Steve's hospitality the crowd enjoyed refreshments some food  while networking before the meeting. Our MC, voice-over artist Tina Wilson, introduced our President, producer John Coleman, who talked about the benefits of being involved in our organization and previewed some future meetings.


Steve Milley gave a short presentation of the latest JVC HD camera, the GY-HD250U. presentation elicited a few questions from one of our speakers, ASC Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain, who is looking for a small HD camera in that category.  Gabriel was seen talking to Steve after the meeting so perhaps he will become a future HD250U owner soon!

MCA-I Pres. John Coleman with Grabriel Beristain (L) and Henner Hofman (R)

Tina Wilson introduced Karla Walters, the southern  California representative for Bogen Imaging. Karla was responsible for getting in touch with our main speakers for the evening from the American Society of Cinematography. She promised to bring some of the newest products that Bogen sells to show us at our next meeting.  Also present was Saul Molina, the circulation director for American Cinematographer magazine. Saul gave out free preview copies of the next issue.




ASC Cinematographer Henner Hofmann and Gary Stone

Our main speakers for the evening were ASC Cinematographers, Gabriel Beristain, a member of the ASC (American) and BSC-British Cinematographer Societies, as well as the AMC, the Mexican
Cinematographers Society…  and Henner Hofmann, a member of both ASC and AMC.  MCA-I lifetime member and vidographer, Gary Stone, moderated the discussion with a number of nsightful questions.  Both Gabriel and Henner were not only informative and enlightening, but they made the
evening fun at the same time, helping us all to realize that you have to have a sense of humor in this business.  They discussed the ASC magazine, “American Cinematographer” explained its importance to professionals, and pointed out that anyone can subscribe.

ASC Cinematographer Gabriel Beristain makes a point

Both men are from Mexico but have lived and worked abroad shooting films in Spain, Britian and elsewhere.  They compared various foreign industries to the US.  Henner Hofmann’s cinematography credits include the upcoming “Gallow Walker,” starring Wesley Snipes.  His good friend, Gabriel Barenstein, has been DP on films as diverse as “The Sentinel”,  “The Shaggy Dog”, “the Ring II” and “Blade: Trinity”. Both Henner and Gabriel talked about the changing face of technology in the film industry including digital intermediate and digital exhibition. A number of personal war stories illustrated points from choice of lenses and lighting to relationships with directors, production designers and gaffers. Many questions were asked by those who attended the meeting, and the conversation could have gone on longer than our meetings usually last. We all realized that there are so many new changes taking place in the film community that you just don’t have time to discuss them in one evening. Saul Molina of the ASC said they will be happy to come back again in the future.  Anyone who is at all involved in the film community would enjoy hearing from these two gentlemen who had so much to say in so little time. The door prize was a fun new razor scooter from JVC.