Meeting Recap - April, 2003

The April meeting was held at the clubhouse of BEVERLY TURNER'S condos in Santa Ana.  The meeting began after some networking and refreshments.


President BEVERLY TURNER opened the meeting and welcomed the guests, who had the opportunity to introduce themselves.  GARY STONE presented some highlights of this year's NAB show and had some brochures of some interesting new equipment such as a teleprompter device that runs from a PDA.


Next the "Production Showcase" began. (This is nicer sounding euphemism for bring 'n brag.)  TRAVIS and LARRY GOLDSMITH ran the projector and sound system.  As always, there was a tremendous variety of programs to be seen, from several voice over demos, and some new music compositions for some national TV commercials, to demo reels, to a live stage event, to a family history DVD, to a very dramatic staged event to present the dangers of drinking and driving to high school students.


One interesting note made by TRAVIS was that this time no one brought a VHS tape.  Everything that was shown was on a DVD or a CD that played back just fine from Travis's new 49 dollar DVD player. 


The always ever popular raffle that is usually conducted by EMMETT KESEL was not held, due to the fact that EMMETT was in the hospital.  BILL BROWN made a cell phone call to EMMETT and the entire group gave him a cheer of encouragement.


John Primm