November Meeting Recap

VO Talent Tina Wilson was the November meeting hostess at the old Wild West Studios for a very informative evening.  After some announcements and all had a chanve to introduce themselves, Tina introuducued MCA-I OC/LA Chapter President, John Coleman.

President John Coleman then moderated a great disscussion on independant filmmanking with the two special guests, STEFAN MARC, and  ROB HEDDEN.

STEFAN MARC is a creator (writer, producer, director and actor) of the Newport Beach-filmed “Dating Games People Play” did just that with his first film.  After being selected by a number of prestigious US film festivals —including our own Newport Beach Film Festival—he found international distribution at Cannes. Stefan is in pre-production for his next indy feature, “Tit for Tat,” a mockumentary about the independent film industry. He also has 5 other projects in various stages of development.

ROB HEDDEN is a Laguna Beach based DGA director and writer of “Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan” also has credits on MacGyver, Star Trek and Knight Rider. He spent most of his career within the studio system until his first indy Feature, “Boxboarders”  Now he’s doing an action movie, “The Condemned” for Lions Gate Films.

First STEFAN showed us a very funny lip of "Dating Games People Play, and them ROB showed an exciting clip from "Boxboarders."  (Thank you Larry Goldsmith for bringing in the projection equipment)  After we saw the clips John led a disscussion about the two film projects.  The filmmakers talked about where the ideas came from, how the films were financed, and what their hopes are for these films.

This was a wonderful meeting which aloowed the members to hear first hand what it takes to produce a film for theatrical release.  Both Stefan and Rob receieved MCA-I Shining Star Awards for their much appreciated participation.