Meeting Recap - February, 2004

The February meeting was held at MICWORKS INC. in Costa Mesa.  After networking and refreshments, the meeting began in the shipping area of MICWORKS.


President BEVERLY TURNER opened the meeting and welcomed the guests, who had the opportunity to introduce themselves.  We all got to say our name and what we did for the benefit of our speaker.  Upcoming events were announced.


Beverly TurneR then introduced AUSTIN YARTON of MICWORKS.  Austin's presentation was a combination of some technical information about the different types of microphones and how they work.  He had a nice handout about the basic type s of mics and their pickup patterns.  We also got to touch some of the working parts of some non functioning mics.  He also showcased a really nice Sennheiser wireless microphone package design for ENG use that is for sale.


After the raffle we were presented with a very interesting demo of about 10 mics of every price range and type.  Not only did Austin speak, he also played some nice acoustic guitar for use to hear how different mics sound.  Two of our female members even broke out in harmony to show how a figure 8 pattern mic can pick up two people facing each other.


Several members provided an unsolicited testimonial as to the wonderful equipment, prices and service that MICWORKS offers. For more information please visit


The ever popular raffle, conducted by EMMETT KESEL and BEVERLEY TURNER gave out prizes from DUPLICATION CENTER OF AMERICA, TRAVIS, ELECTRIC PICTURES, and DV POST.


For the grand raffle prize, two copies of Final Draft Professional Screenwriting Software Version 5 were given away.  Final Draft was supplied by Frank Colin at Final Draft. With Final Draft, the only things you'll need to write like the pros are ideas.


Please join us next month on March 16th in Santa Ana at the clubhouse of the condos where BEVERLY TURNER lives.  The meeting host is DENNIS BACKER, who will lead us in a sure to be exciting "Bring and Brag."  Remember that only 5 minutes of your stuff will be shown, and please don't make you introduction of your footage longer than the clip you are showing!


John Primm