Meeting Recap - March 15, 2006

This was certainly a meeting that should not have been missed!  Last night’s MCA-I meeting was really great.

First of all, the venue was just spectacular.  The OC Pavilion is a state of the art stage, restaurant and lounge in the heart of Santa Ana, which is in the heart of Orange County. Bernard Samra of Live Link Ups, Inc., gave several tours of the facility including the back stage areas and the technical areas.  Our meeting was held in the VIP lounge where there is still a gigantic bank vault door going into a posh seating area with dual fire places.  There are also large flat panel video monitors all over the place.  (The building used to be a large Bank of America.)  In the lounge the Chris Williams Trio played some wonderful jazz after the meeting, and the bar was opened.  I left after a great class of Chardonnay and some good networking, while many others remained.  Maybe some are still there!

Well, not only was the place wonderful, but the program was outstanding.  Once again, President John Coleman managed to put together an outstanding meeting.  John made the introductions and welcomed all the members and guests.  Next, Gary Stone of Gold Standard Productions presented two humorous videos that were recently judged by our chapter for the Orlando MCA-I chapter.  This was a 36 hour race, where a team picked up a packet of directions which told them the genre of video that had to be made, and incorporate a prop and a line of dialog that had to be used.  The prop was a sticky hand children’s toy and the line of dialog was “With a little luck, this just might work!”  We saw a very funny infomercial spoof of a product called Atomic Blast that was good for everything, as well as a Sci-Fi thing about a Dream Machine.  A big thank you to Gary, and also to Larry Goldsmith of Starlight Video Productions for supplying the playback equipment.  Larry is also the president of the local PVN. (Professional Videographers Network) whose members are mostly involved with event video.

Image Omar

Image Bill

Image Stephanie

One of our newer members, Omar Guzman-Corso, was our MC for the evening.  He introduced voice over artist, Bill Brown, who wowed our featured speaker with a dazzling full ranged radio DJ type introduction.

The beautiful Stephanie Palmer, formerly of MGM who was responsible for the film “Legally Blonde” to get the green light, among others, was the featured speaker.  After some brief comments about her work at MGM and her consulting business, Good in a Room, ( she opened it up for any question from the floor.  She delightfully answered all manner of questions regarding making presentations and what kinds of projects are likely to have success.  She had some excellent pointers about making presentations.  I bet her workshops are wonderful.

I was happy to learn that comedies (which were her area of expertise at MGM) make the most in profits for film studios.  On a personal note, I really don’t like serious films as they are a downer when you are on a date.  I go along with the old adage credited to one of the MGM founders that films should entertain you, and that if you want to send a message, call Western Union.

I would highly recommend logging on to Stephanie’s web site and consider taking her workshop if you ever need to pitch an idea.  She has the real life experience and background to teach what she does, and she is the type of person that you just know her advice is very valuable.

This sounds so cliché, but truly a good time was had by all at last night’s meeting.  This was the kind of meeting that MCA-I is all about - professional development.   Please join us for the next one, if you want to go somewhere.

John Primm, DV Post

Photos by Gary Stone, Gold Standard Productions