Contest Judging

On Fat Tuesday, a small group, including yours truly gathered at Roland Canamar's Silver Dream Factory to judge videos from the Orlando Chapter of MCA-I.  11 short videos were screened and evaluated by our chapter.  This judging was artfully coordinated by Gary Stone of Gold Standard Productions.

This video contest was unique, where the members wishing to participate were given a prop (this time one of those sticky hand thingys with a long handle) and one line of dialogue (this time "With a little bit of luck, this just might work.")  They then had 36 hours to write, shoot, and post a 6 minute or less video.  Each team was also told what genre the video had to be - documentary, infomercial, drama, etc.  The results ranged from funny to really weird to just downright exciting.  Our group had all of the professional category entries.  As the evening wore on, it became even more fun seeing the creative way each entry incorporated the sticky hand and the line of dialogue.

This is really one of most interesting activities our chapter gets involved with, and I highly recommend that anyone who hasn't participated in this, try it.  You get to see what other members of MCA-I are doing and become the "Ebert or Roper" that you know you always wanted to be.  It is great fun, there is usually free food, and it is a great time of fellowship.  Please consider volunteering for judging sometime.

John Primm, DV Post