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Meeting Recap - May, 2004

On May 19 our general meeting was held at WILD WEST MEDIA in Irvine.  A big thank you is due to BERNARD SAMARA, Operations Manager of WILD WEST MEDIA for the use of their facility, and his very gracious willingness to host us in the future.  It is a wonderful facility with stages and post-production on site.  They are found at

President BEVERLY TURNER open the meeting and introduced our guests and new members.  Announcements were made concerning the annual planning meeting and the annual party.  You will find information about those events elsewhere on this web site.

Our speaker, MARK MITCHELL was fantastic.  He is a professional speaker who spoke on "Million Dollar Business Models."  Actually many of the businesses reviewed were Billion Dollar business such as Microsoft, Dell, Starbucks, Southwestern Airlines, etc.  His message about always seeking new ways to cultivate your own competitive advantage is a clear one, and one which those us who run our own business need to keep in mind.

By looking at a number of successful business that the audience suggested, Mark was able to pick out the core values of these business models.  He handed out a single blue sheet of paper that contains his basic points about how successful companies are utilizing  the elements of Price, Product, Service, Experience and Access to their services. He believes that any business that is truly customer driven, flexible, and ready for the future, will be successful.

His web site is  I checked it out, and he has one of the fastest loading QuickTime movies I have seen.  Here is a link to his introductory video: Personal Introduction

I came away from that meeting all excited about finding new ways to market myself and "reinventing" myself.  Much thanks to BEVERLY TURNER for making such a valuable meeting happen for us.

Another thing I learned last night was that part of Mark's excitement and passion for life was due, in part, to drinking a can of something called RockStar.  He admittedly had a very long day, and had a can of this stuff before the meeting, and soon went into energy hyper drive.  So, you see, you never know what sort of useful information you will pick up at one of our meetings!

John Primm