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Meeting Recap - June, July, August 2004

ImageMEETING RECAP by John Primm  Please see "Articles" under the Main Menu for past meeting recaps.

On June 16 our general meeting was held at IRVINE MEDIA GROUP's parking lot.  I'm very sorry to say that I missed this wonderful event due to illness.  I had even purchased a new lawn chair for the event and had a clip that was exactly 5 minutes long all ready to show.  I understand that the food and the media showcase was a great success. Much thanks to ELECTRIC PICTURES, and to all the others who helped make that meeting a great event.

In addition to the outdoor screenings, the new officers were elected.  They are - President: DENNIS BACKER, Vice President: JOHN COLEMAN, Treasurer: BEVERLY TURNER, and Secretary: JOHN PRIMM.  The three new Board Members at Large are GRACE McKAY, GARY STONE and TRAVIS.

There was not a regular general meeting in July.  That meeting was replaced with the Annual Party on Sunday, July 11th.  The Annual Party was held at the home of Whirly, the sacred party sig blender, and its keeper, Gary Stone.

A social "Happy Hour" type meeting was held on Wednesday, August 18th, which took the place of the general meeting in August.  About 40 people showed up at The Waters Restaurant in Irvine for that.  It was all social, except for a brief welcome from President Dennis Backer and a raffle of exciting coupons for services given away by ELECTRIC PICTIRES.  Members of MAOC, AMA and the Ad Club were also invited.  Dennis is currently adding all of the business cards received for the raffle to our mailing list.

John Primm