Meeting Recap - January 18, 2005

The MCAI monthly meeting was called to order on January 18th  by President John Coleman at 7:15 p.m. It was held at Marie Calendars in Irvine, and there were many guests in attendance. One of them was Scott Arondale, a producer, editor and instructor from Saddleback College who brought 18 students with him. MCAI board members stood up and introduced themselves, along with the general membership, and then our guests introduced themselves.

The MC for the evening was voice-over talent Bill Brown who introduced our speakers for the evening. The topic was pertaining to directors and talent, talking about the best and worse things directors have done. Speakers included Connie Terwilliger from San Diego. Connie is an international voice-over talent, and the new President of the MCAI international chapter. She talked about the benefits of becoming an international member. Some of those benefits included a good health insurance plan, discounts on prescription cards and professional development and networking conferences. Mike Villani, voice-over actor and the spokesman for Ditech also answered questions pertaining to talent, marketing your business,  and directing. John Patrick Walsh spoke about what lead him to his acting career and answered many questions from the audience as did our other speakers. John is noted for his experience on USA’s hit series Munk. He is also a stage actor and has done many audio books. Michael Robert Nyman also spoke and answered questions from the audience. He appeared in the TV movie Guilty or Innocent, and also, from Dusk till Dawn. Each speaker agreed on the fact that a director needs to convey to the talent what he or she wants, and that for the talent, perseverance and preparation is the name of the game. Travis mentioned that one more judge is needed for the Denver video. Bill Brown gave a quick review of the up and coming meetings for February, March and April. In February, the speakers will be from Cannon Cameras, demonstrating high definition equipment.  In March, the speaker will be a former director from MGM, and her topic will be how to pitch your project, and how to make it sell. In April, a panel will be lad by Marv Taman about financing, producing and distributing documentaries. We welcome our new members, Scott Arondale, Nathan Prenovost, and a new national member, Matt Baeer.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Tina Wilson, MCA-I Recording Secretary