Meeting Recap - November 16, 2005

This month's general meeting was held in the Back Room of Martini Blues in Huntington Beach.  (Really - it's called the Back Room)  The Back Room is a simple, but adequate venue where new stand up comedians can test their stuff.

Voice talent and MCA-I Recording Secretary, Tina Wilson, was the MC for the evening.  After the guests and the board members introduced  themselves, we heard from President Dennis Backer about upcoming events.  Next, President Elect John Coleman introduced the topic for the evening:  Adding Humor to Video Presentations.

Travis showed some examples of some humorous Flash presentations he produced for MCA-I and MAOC  events.  Dennis Backer showed a couple clips of some humorous videos that were winners in this year's MCA-I Golden Reel Awards.

Next, John Coleman introduced the keynote speaker, Bill Word.  Bill is a stand up comic, comedy teacher and comedy show producer.  He produces 4 or 5 comedy shows each week at the Martini Blues.  Bill is the President of Word-Up Productions, Inc. in Newport Beach and can be reached at (949) 223-0298.  

Bill presented everyone with print out of a PowerPoint slides presentation called "Funny = Money," and spoke about the five cardinal "rules" of comedy.

1. Humor should break down walls.
2. Know your audience.
3. Keep it short.
4. Keep it real
5. Just do it. (Have fun!)

Bill was very interactive with the audience and it was a very enjoyable presentation.  I can honestly say that a good time was had by all.

After the meeting some of us remained for the regular Wednesday night no cover charge comedy show.  Bill Word opened the show and then turned it over to a group of new stand ups.  I stayed until about 10:30 and heard about 10 comics.  The comics ranged in age (one guy was still in high school) and there was a nice mix of men and women of several races.  Some were hysterical and really on a roll, and some were just learning how to fly.  But hey!  It's free.

I must really tip my hat to one lady who was confined to a wheelchair.  I think it's the first time I've heard a wheelchair bound comic.  Somehow she made it possible for us to laugh with her and her routine about being paralyzed.

I think that she made it clear that the great thing about humor is that it can examine every aspect our life in a fresh and honest way.  While humor may not be appropriate for every kind of subject matter we video producers face, I think there's a lot of humorus opportunities that we probably dismiss, that could make our presentations easier to swallow and make the information better remembered.

John Primm (reporting on behalf of Tina Wilson)