Meeting Recap - October 19, 2005

On Wednesday October 19, the MCAI meeting was called to order at 7:15 at Irvine Studios.  Our first MC was voice-over artist Bill Brown, who did a superb job, keeping all of us up to date on events to come, and also, the benefits of becoming a national member. He talked about next month’s meeting which will be held on November 16 with guest speaker Bill Word, comedy consultant, whose topic is entitled The five secrets of adding humor to  any presentation. The location is to be determined. He also brought up our holiday party which will be held on December 21.

He mentioned the MCAI international conference coming up with NAB joining in on April 27th and 28th. He said that the chapter leadership conference will follow that, and he encouraged anyone in leadership to attend if they can because of excellent networking opportunities. He said that following that would be the Golden Reel awards.

Our guests introduced themselves. Among the guests were Richard Cacierre, looking forward to becoming more involved in the video industry, Tony Sanders, Cinnematographer, Lynn Splendid from Splendid Light Media,  Bill O’Neill from Celtfire Productions, and Tom Kanutsen, National Recreation Properties editor. It was great having Tom, from the Minneapolis chapter, here to visit our chapter.  Also, the regular membership introduced themselves, telling about their work in the industry.

After everyone spoke, Helen and Paul Fabian, co-owners of Irvine Studios, told about a dream that they had had a long time ago to open up, not just a studio, but a one-stop shopf or producers. They wanted to have a facility where producers could get all of their needs met in one place. They said that their dream has finally come true. Since their dream first began, many infomercials and corporate videos have been produced there.

Everyone enjoyed tours of the sound stages, editing rooms, and the entire facility. Our fellow member Rick Sherman, audio engineer, composer and performer, also gave  tours of his own studio which is located there.

The hospitality was great, and for those of you who missed out on this meeting, you missed some excellent food!

The meeting was adjourned by President Dennis Backer at 8:30.

Tina Wilson, MCA-I Recording Secretary