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Meeting Review: February 2018

Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand

Austin Armstrong SmallerAustin Armstong, a digital marketer for over 13 years has been a Project Manager and Video Marketing Strategist for Therapy Cable the last four. In that position he's produced over 700 videos as a tool to market their online service. Austin gave SoCal Media Pro members the benefit of lessons learned and the strategies he's developed over those last four years at our February 2018 meeting, entitled "Video Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business and Personal Brand". He did not disappoint.

Armstrong started with some important facts, including that YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to google! His stats proved the value of marketing via video with a note that Facebook live videos are watched 3x longer than non-live videos. Then the really important information began to flow!

After outlining some of the simple equipment needed to get started, Austin listed six categories of video style that do well online, including testimonials and 'behind the scenes' videos among others. Then he launched into the importance of editing, covering length, speech patterns, adding visuals and text and a great hint: Name your video file using a keyword you want to be found by!

With his experience Austin was able to recommend details such as which time of day is optimum to post your videos on each of the major platforms. For instance, it's better to post on Instagram in the morning and on YouTube after lunch! He also went into detail on ideas to optimize your videos with keywords, thumbnails and more. Along the way our guest expert dropped a number of valuable resources to help members at every stage of the process, right down to tracking and analyzing the distribution

The gathering was listening to every word and taking notes. All agreed the information was very valuable and presented cleanly, simply efficiently. Austin Armstrong knows his stuff and communicates it well. The SoCal Media Pros were unanimous in their appreciation for his advice. While Austin works for Therapy Cable, he is also available for presentations to outside groups on occasion. You'll find this Media Marketing Expert popular with your audience. Austin Armstrong can be reached by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.