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Review: San Diego MediaPro Camp 2017

SD MediaProCamp17 Crowd

Our friends at San Diego Media Pros put on a great event—again! Their 2017 MediaPro Camp drew a full house and featured 4 breakout sessions, each with 4 different rooms working simultaneously! That's 16 different seminars or roundtable discussions in the day! No one left unsatisfied! Of course the best thing about all MediaProCamps is the collaboration and the spontineity since topics of dicussion are chosen by participants on the spot. SD Media Pros Header v5.png

SD MediaProCamp17 Topic BoardThe topic board was organized with 5 basic areas such as Post Production, Business, Distribution and participants wrote in specific discussion topics under each. Then the SDMP leaders led the voting and meeting rooms were assigned to the mopst popular topics. There was plenty of variety to choose from and often there were two simultaneous meetings you wish you could attend!

Final Topics of the individual roundtables were diverse, such as "Streaming Solutions, "Mike Bruggemeyer's Special Green Screen Solution,"  "Sales & New Biz," "Lighting in Cars," and more. In every case the attendees of the roundtable represented a mix of experience in the subject and knowledge was shared willingly. The variety of experiences made for an increase in amost everyone's individual knowledge. That's what collaboration is at it's finest!

SD MediaProCamp17 voting on topicsThe UC San Diego Extension classrooms were a perfect place to hold the event. Plenty of chairs and room to move them into any configuration attendees liked.

The event's lunchtime featured a keynote presentation by D.P., Bernie Mitchell.  Sponsored by Panasonic, Bernie also had their newest 4K cameras on display all day. Bernie is an Emmy nominated Producer/Director/Writer/Editor, Multimedia Person of the year, and DVD Association Hall of Fame member. He's a popular speaker and nationally known expert and his presentation on Buzzwords, 4K, HDR was the same one Orange County members of SoCal Media Pros had seen the week before. But this was a completely different crowd and they were as appreciative as the group up north had been.

If you ever get a chance to go to a MediaProCamp don't miss it!