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President's Message Jan 1, 2017

Looking Forward

First, a quick look backward—but not very far—just to December's All Media Holiday Party.  My wife, Maureen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the All-Media Holiday Party last month.  Good food, good company and entertaining stories 

At our table was Joe Nagle of Joe’s Speakeasy fame and his charming wife, Barbara.  We also enjoyed the company of our old friends Mark Gents and Robert Lauro from Our Town Multimedia.  Late comers to our table were Joe and Tiffany Hernandez.  Mark and Robert entertained us with their adventures in event filming while Joe Hernandez gave us insights to being a cartoon voice actor for Disney.  Later, Tom Smith of Thomas Smith Productions paid us a visit wearing an In-N-Out jacket.  Of course, we all wanted to know the story behind the jacket.  Brian Paige of Vocal Images was our M.C. and handed out an abundance of door prizes with flare.  I know we all appreciate those who donate generous and fun gifts. I also want to thank Cynthia Gordon, Bonnie Erdrich (who we missed), Terry Syndergaard and the others who worked so hard to make this a truly Happy Holiday Party!

2016 was a very good beginning for the new SoCal Media Pros, quickly reconstituted from the old MCA-I in September. We hit the ground running serving our members and the SoCal Media Community at large.

Looking forward, the SoCal Media Pros leadership team has planned some exciting and informative events for this coming year.  This month we will kick off part 1 of a 2 part series on “How To Bring Your Script To Life.”  Next month, Brian Paige and Tim Keenan will share their insights on post-production sound.  Then in March, we will present Part 2 on “How To Bring Your Script To Life.”

I look forward to seeing you again at our meeting on Wednesday, January 18. I know it will be the start of a great 2017 for all of us!

Larry Stimson

SoCal Media Pros