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It's Official! All MCAI Members Are Now SoCal Media Pro Members!

The Board of Directors of the new SoCal Media Pros has officially granted automatic membership to all the folks who were members of the old MCAI! And that membership is FREE until their annual renewal date!

 "When MCAI folded so did all the local chapters, including ours," said Larry Stimson, a multi-media producer and the last president of the LA/OC Chapter of MCAI. "But we had a vibrant local organization. So, like many other chapters, our leaders created a new non-profit entity to continue to serve the community.  We're now the SoCal Media Pros and we're picking up where MCAI left off." Stimson is the first president of SoCal Media Pros and is joined by a Board of Directors made up of six top media professionals.

Voiceover Artist Joe Nagle, the new organization's VP and President Elect, explained how this transfer of membership works. "As a courtesy to members of MCAI, which officially closed its doors in August 2016, SoCal Media Pros has automatically added you to the roster of our new organization. As an example, if you had just paid your annual dues to MCAI in July or August only to find they were going out of business, don't worry! Your membership in SoCal Media Pros is FREE until the date you would have had to renew your MCAI Membership." 

That pattern will hold true for almost all of the former MCAI members, no matter what their expiration date was. The exception is for MCAI's Lifetime Members and Honorary Members, who essentially had no membership expiration date.  "While the new organization does not have a lifetime membership," said filmmaker Art Kirsch, the Treasurer of the new SoCal Media Pros. "these people were the backbone of MCAI and we want to honor them with a one year free membership in SoCal Media Pros. They've proven their value to a non-profit organization and we expect they will also become important, active members of SoCal Media Pros. We're proud to have them join us." 

The new organization is announcing a full slate of programs and meetings to feature experts sharing their special knowledge of professional media with the community. "We've got an exciting time ahead and SoCal Media Pros expects to grow to be better able to bring working professionals and the public together," concluded Stimson. "It's all about people — and when we serve the community, everybody benefits."

SoCal Media Pros is a new California non-profit corporation with Federal tax exempt 501c3 status. That makes us a recognized charity. It is an all-volunteer civic organization organized to educate media professionals and the public at large about one of the most important industries affecting all citizens: Media. News, information, business, entertainment, education, communications and much, much more are created and delivered through an ever expanding plethora of media. Through lectures, meetings, mentorship and events about the Media Industry we help everyone understand and stay at the top of this important, ever-changing, highly competitive industry. The good work of the organization is dependent on the support of its members and generosity of sponsors. Membership is $50 a year and donations are gratefully accepted. Our website is