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President's Farewell Message: We Had A Great Year!

Walter Davis Finishes Term. 2013-2014 MCA-I Los Angeles/Orange County President’s Farewell Message

One of the greatest honors I will always have to share with others is my term as President of MCA-I Los Angeles/Orange County Chapter. It has really been a good year for me.

We have seen the development of a robust social media presence on Facebook, Blogger, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Meetup. This provides an opportunity for members to market themselves and the organization for years to come. I'm proud to say this is but one of many advancements our organization has accomplished this year.

We have successfully integrated Internet Radio and TV into our bag of tricks and we have broadcast our meetings globally, demonstrating the meaning of a communications organization. Our incorporation of html5 letters, mobile apps, video and audio emails has reflected bleeding edge technology and forward thinking. We have a texting campaign to recruit new members with ease and the ability to project our messages worldwide with ease and economic efficiency.

Coordinating with other organizations, we have raised money for scholarships and community support in a fashion previously unknown. In conjunction with Los Angeles Community Services, we have donated truckloads of free furnishings, food and clothing to local military units and needy people.

We have opened a new era of cooperation and possibilities with other media groups in recent planning sessions with area leaders.

We have formed a new alliance with the City of Santa Ana that promises to bring jobs, exposure, good will and positive community impact on many, many levels. Soon we will have access to a cable channel and be able to train young people in a Public Access TV studio as we have done in years past.

We have demonstrated true diversity in our chapter meeting with presentations varying from distribution, young film makers, streaming, networking, comics, electronic signage and others.

With the development of the Alton Glass Future Film Maker Award, we have set the stage to give young film makers a boost for generations to come, with the support of the city of Santa Ana and local educational institutions. We have demonstrated class with genuine concern for our community, our professions and each other.

It has truly been a remarkable year. I have learned a lot and I am proud that I have been a part of a team committed to benefiting the community, professionals and young people in such profound ways. I sincerely hope that the future of MCAILAOC remains vibrant and productive. In reluctantly handing over the reins to the capable hands of Art kirsch, our incoming chapter President, I am happy that a new committed and capable leader is taking over and he is sure to take MCAILAOC to new levels of achievement to surpass mine.

It is with compassion and care that I leave you to continue my journey. As an old sailor and navigator I bid you farewell …with the saying…may you have fair winds and following seas!


Walter Davis, Jr.
President, Walter Davis Enterprises