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MCA-i / VO Peeps Scholarship Fund Raffling Valuable Prize.

Last year our scholarship fund raised and donated over $7,000 in products, services and cash to help struggling VO artists. Now, to raise money for the 2013 fund, which is co-sponsored by the MCA-I, VO Peeps founder, Anne Ganguzza is raffling off a spot in Beverly Bremers Voicercise class! Beverly Bremers is one of the most respected coaches and a highly-sought-after performer in the VO World. To earn one chance in the raffle, donate $10 to the cause. I am hoping you can help to spread the word on your Social Media channels - It would be greatly appreciated! Here is a link for more information and how to donate: Remember, you don't have to be a VO artist to donate! Should you win and can't use the prize—no worries, we know someone who will cherish it!