LA/OC Chapter Announces Media Production for Nonprofits

Here's how we can help... The board of directors’ decision to leverage our tax exempt 501c3 status and use our members’ expertise to raise money to produce media for the benefit of Southern California nonprofits was announced at the August meeting by past LA/OC chapter president, Grace McKay. So the chapter has formed the Media Center for Nonprofits.

While nonprofit organizations’ need is great for professional media and communications services, most spend every precious budget dollar on their core mission—with nothing left over for media. Now, MCAI members can work together to produce professional quality projects for these worthy groups, thanks in part to funding raised by MCAI through the 501c3 status.

As a tax-exempt charity, MCAI has been able to accept donations both cash and in-kind (cars, boats, used equipment, etc.) However, until now the chapter has not seriously solicited donations and any money raised this way benefited the chapter’s regular projects such as MediaProCamp. Using the Media Center for Nonprofits as a vehicle for both charitable donations and awarding grants, the LA/OC chapter’s members will now start soliciting larger amounts to help fund professional media production for other worthy nonprofits in Southern California.

“Most of our members do some pro-bono work,” said McKay. “But this program will allow us to help more nonprofits more often.” Of course, as McKay explained, the number of organizations the chapter can help will all depend on how much money can be raised. “We are looking to make this a permanent project of MCAI’s LA/OC Chapter, but we’re still in the planning stages. We’re learning about the world of philanthropy as well as the needs of nonprofits all across southern California.”

In coming months you can expect the LA/OC Chapter to formalize the name, Media Center for Nonprofits, and build out its website, Volunteers will also organize procedures and regular pathways both for donations and applications by nonprofits for grants.

Joining board members Mark Alexander, Brian Page, Art Kirsch, Marilyn McLeod, Tina Wilson and Walter Davis on the committee to establish this new project are members Kurt Byk and Emmett Kesel along with past presidents Grace McKay and John Coleman.