Chapter Elections’11—You Can Make a Difference!

This month, the LA/OC Chapter elects our Officers and Board of Directors for the coming year—the folks who steer our chapter into the best position to serve our members, the professional media community and the community at large. We'll be voting at the BBQ meeting on the 13th and we're looking for more media pros to serve on the board. The rewards for service are intangible but very valuable…

You'll be part of a dynamic group taking some interesting and bold new initiatives. Besides feeling good about the contributions you make, you’ll find your visibility in the industry heightened and a newfound level of respect as a member of the Board of one of So. Cal’s premier professional associations. You’ll be leading one of many chapters of an international organization that’s got an over-40 year track record serving professionals. You’ll also make valuable new friends and business contacts and be on the cutting edge of the media production industry.

The work isn’t hard and the time requirements are only a few hours a month but your efforts will be leveraged into a huge benefit for members and the community—as well as yourself.

A special thanks goes out to those currently serving in office for their generous use of their time, talents and energy, including; President Mark Alexander; retired VP Eva Crabbs; retired Secretary Julie Nagode; Treasurer Art Kirsch as well as chapter board members-at-large, Bill O’Neill, Brian Page and Richard Theiss. Members Brain Page and John Coleman also serve on the international Board of Directors.

Of course, there are committees and other, unofficial ways you can volunteer your service to make a difference as well. So don’t be afraid to get involved—if you’re a member, join the Board and if not, volunteer at one of our monthly meetings!

This year we'll be voting  at the July Meeting-- the BBQ-Mixer-SwapMeet on July 13th. So if you have any interest—or just want to explore the possibilities come to that gathering and talk to one of the current officers.