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Working Together


Even before becoming your newly elected Chapter President, I found a great passion and motivation among our members to see our chapter be one of the best in the country. That happens by being aware of and addressing the needs of our members. That's my goal.

It is also the goal of my newly elected fellow officers and board of the LA/Orange County Chapter, all of whom are dedicated media professionals.  We in turn are supported by a well established group of highly capable and experienced former officers and board members. They are a valuable resource and make it possible to continue to bring the great meetings and events to our members and the regional media community.

 A few months ago, I oversaw a survey that our chapter conducted to which many of you responded–thank you!  One of the primary benefits derived from the survey results is direction in planning meeting topics. For instance, the most popular reason stated for being a member was to take part in networking opportunities. If you have been to any of the last couple of meetings you know that we have had a great time engaging in some easy and fun networking activities. It is really very effective, so I encourage you to come to the monthly meetings and meet your peers face to face.

But don’t miss the electronic opportunities for networking and marketing your business which our chapter provides. Check out our directory; the online Community and Jobs Forum. They’re open to all media professionals on our website

The "Marketing Minute" is another new feature which as a result of our survey is done at each of our monthly meetings. This has instantly become a popular meeting segment. I have yet to see it actually take just one minute but everyone likes it and so if it takes three minutes then that’s fine! You will definitely pick up some pointers and get some good ideas about marketing yourself and your business. If you’ve got a short tip to help marketing a media business, bring it along and share it!

The success of our chapter depends on simply one thing – volunteers. I’d like you to consider that you are the chapter. You make it happen. You can help make it as successful as you want. For myself, I admit it took a little prodding by a board member who encouraged me to start becoming a bit more involved. Since then, I have had a wonderful time working with and becoming friends with this great group or people. There are a variety of quick and easy things you can do to help make us better than ever. Some of these might include simply coming 10 or 15 minutes early to a meeting and help setting up or helping sign guests in at the door. We have committees that you can become part of. Nothing we do takes up too much time but it does require that we work together. It’s easy and fun so feel free to join the party!

I look forward to seeing you all over the next year and please let me know if there is anything we can do for you.

Your new MCAI chapter president, 2010-11,

Mark Alexande

Alexander Video Productions