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How To Help Your Business with MCAI

Your LA/OC Chapter of MCAI is planning events for July and August that address the top needs expressed by media professionals responding to the recent OC Media Industry Survey. While the Survey, which MCAI has been sponsoring has not closed yet, we've already seen some obvious trends...

And we're responding with a few ideas to help you and your business. (if you haven't taken the Survey yet, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Two of the more obvious trends revealed by the Survey so far are:

1) An almost universal need for more marketing/networking opportunities and good marketing advice for small media businesses, independents and freelancers.

2) Help with Audio!

Since MCAI is an all-volunteer non-profit run by your fellow media professionals, we've jumped on this without delay! If you were at our May meeting you probably noticed two new features; First, our "Marketing Minute." Dennis Backer presented three simple but important concepts for marketing yourself on the web. OK, maybe it took 90 seconds but they were great ideas! Look for a useful "Marketing Minute" at EVERY Meeting! We'll also be booking experts in marketing media and personal services for longer presentations that will help you grow your business.

Second, at that same meeting between speakers we played a little networking game and gave out some prizes. It was a great ice-breaker and a fun way to meet folks you may not have had a chance to talk with during the social hour. Look for more of these and other organized efforts to make it easy to make new friends at an MCAI meeting.

Of course, MCAI meetings have traditionally been a great place to make business connections. Members go out of their way to be friendly since we're there for the same reasons you are--to make business connections and get the latest industry information that will keep us on the cutting edge of technology, trends, marketing and industry issues.

But wait!~ There's More! (as we like to say on infomercials) MCAI has filled the next two months with some fun networking opportunities. Later this month on June 23, MCAI is supporting the first annual OC Screen Writers Networking Event at the Ritz Restaurant in Fashion Island. See the separate article about it on our website, "OCSWA Mixer."

In July we're joining with PVN, the Professional Videographers Network of Orange County to create a fun way to meet other professionals you can do business with. It's The Summer Networking BBQ. You can expect to interact with folks from every area of the media-internet, film, TV, radio, print, and more. While PVN and MCAI are the organizers it's open to everyone in the industry including members of The Ad Club, OCMMA, OCSWA and the Media Alliance. Don't miss this fun event on Wednesday, July 14th at the OC Sound Stage!

To take full advantage of these opportunities, bring plenty of business cards, reels, headshots, resumes, etc.

Now, regarding audio, we're putting some special programs together...more on that in another article!