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OC Media Industry Survey Will Help You

You can help our industry, and by extension your business, by participating in a new survey sponsored by MCAI. It is designed to take a profile of our current status. With that information OC can attract business, leverage our standing within the industry and with government as well as encourage growth. And if you participate you will be eligible to win some gift certificates to upscale OC restaurants.

It's no secret that the media industry in OC is fractionalized and scattered. It's also extremely diverse. Our industry includes film, video, audio, internet, print as well as advertising, electronic games, related manufacturing and more. Does anyone have a handle on how big it really is or how many professionals are working here? How large are the media businesses? That's just some of what we hope find out. But we need your participation and that of all your professional associates to make it happen

The LA/OC Chapter of MCAI is actually doing two things to help profile the OC Media industry.

First, if you are on our mailing list you'll be getting an email with a link to The 2010 OC Media Industry Survey sometime this month. Soon after we'll be publicizing the link on our website and everywhere else we can to reach the rest of the OC Media professionals and businesses. However you get the link, please take two minutes and fill the survey out! Your time investment will be the equivalent of only a few tweets! Then please email all your professional contacts and associates--yes, everyone who lives or works in Orange County--and ask them to go to the same URL and fill the survey out too!

It's important that we get a wide response to accurately assess the strength of our industry. Whether you are a freelancer or a one-person enterprise, an employee or a business owner with a staff, you should be part of this survey. So, no matter what your role in the industry we need to hear from you!

To insure your privacy, we're using the highly respected Survey Monkey, the gold standard for secure online information gathering to administrate the survey. NO one will have access to the identity of those who participate-only the data. Some of the conclusions collated from the data will be made available to the press, agencies and organizations that can positively influence the OC media industry's growth.

Our second effort is even simpler. On the front page of the MCAI-OC website we'll be posting a short poll to take the pulse of our OC media industry. It won't be as scientific as the online survey but it will give us all an instant feel for what's happening. The MCAI Monthly Poll is fast and feedback is instant. The first one is up there now. Take it and check back before the end of the month to see the final tally.

In both cases, The 2010 OC Media Industry Survey, and the Monthly MCAI Monthly Poll, your input and your influence in getting all your fellow media pros to participate will make a huge difference in establishing the overall health of our media business economy in OC.

Finally, as a small incentive, MCAI is putting up a number of gift cards to upscale OC restaurants. Everyone who takes the survey will be entered into a blind, random drawing and be eligible to win one.

Tell your friends to join us so we can all work together to establish-and then build on-the strength of the OC Media Industry!