June President's Message

Be prepared for a unique and powerful experience at our MediaProCamp on June 20. Not exactly sure what to expect? And what the heck is a MediaProCamp, anyway? Well, first...

You're going to be busy all day sharing and collaborating with lots of other media professionals. Expect to meet people from just about every form of media you can imagine who work in just about every job category. Besides extremely informative, you'll find it to be the best kind of networking. So bring lots of business cards!

Second, be prepared to share your knowledge. There are no formal speakers or lectures. This is a series of small peer roundtables-up to ten an hour! Since every attendee is a pro, your experience and opinions can be valuable information to someone else. Topics are chosen on site by attendees as a group. But because all the content is user-generated, everyone is expected to propose at least one subject to discuss. Make it a topic you know something about. You don't need to be a full-fledged expert, just knowledgeable enough to lead the discussion. Remember, it's not a lecture.

Third, plan on talking with some media industry notables. We've seeded the event with a number of professionals who are outstanding in their field. However they are coming to participate not to lecture! Like you, they will contribute topic ideas and lead some discussions (if their topic is chosen) but they want to learn from you and all the other participants as well!

Finally, you can expect to leave satisfied-and not just because the price was right. The user generated content, free flowing format and short sessions along with the interactive discussions make these events highly rated by participants.

MediaProCamp starts at 9:00 a.m. at Santa Ana College's Digital Media Center located at 1300 S. Bristol street. It will end at 4:30 PM with doorprizes.

Thanks to our sponsors there is no charge for this event and coffee and lunch is included! But you must register so we have enough food and refreshments-and doorprizes on hand for you! GO TO www.newmedia.meetup.com/82 to put in your RSVP.

I look forward to seeing you there! Be sure to say hello!


Tina Wilson, MCAI Chapter President

Voice-over artist/vocalist


949) 872-6631