May President's Message

MCAI elections are just around the corner! Where has time gone? It is hard to believe that the summer is upon us, and it is time to elect new officers as well as board members at large.

Some people may say, Why should I think of running for office or volunteering on a board? I have discovered in the past couple of years as President, that I have gotten to know and have been able to work with so many wonderful people, and if I had not gotten out of my comfort zone, that would not have happened. I've discovered that by giving, I've gotten so much more back.

So, if there is some particular interest that you have whether it's helping with membership or working on publicity or becoming an MCAI officer, our board would love to hear from you. You may end up making a few new close friends, not just for business networking, but for life!

Tina Wilson, MCAI Chapter President

Voice-over artist/vocalist

 (949) 872-6631