ImageJohn Coleman of Twin Oaks Communications

We live in interesting times: the era of convergence. While there are technical differences between film and video, the digital age has blurred most of them. From DI/film out to digital theatrical projection, from Star Wars to the vast number of independent features shot on digital video, the world has changed.  Our membership includes above-the-line and below-the-line production experts in every media.  That includes narrative features, documentaries, shorts and other “film” genres as well as broadcast television programs, commercial and promotional spots, corporate marketing, training & sales “videos.” But it also includes print, website design, streaming media, DVDs, CDs, podcasting, duplication, distribution and more….

MCA-I includes creatives, tech & craftspeople, suppliers and management. What we have in common is a dedication to be the best at what we do - and expand our business.  We want to associate with others that have that same ethic.  As members of MCAi we are connected with like-minded professionals all around the US and Canada as well as locally.  Banding together, our monthly meetings offer networking opportunities and professional development programs to keep us on top of an ever-evolving industry.  That’s the heart of MCA-I - networking to develop jobs and work opportunities while adding to our knowledge, skills and business.

Some of us are freelancers or small independent companies.  Others work for larger companies or may even be students planning their career - MCA-I can benefit them all.  We’re an all-volunteer organization run to help our members thrive professionally.  So whether you prefer sprocket holes or gigabytes the MCA-I LA/OC Chapter can help you develop your
business and stay on top of the industry.

John Coleman,
Twin Oaks Communications