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New President's Welcome - June 2018

JoeNagleWelcome to SoCal MediaPros, the premier professional educational and networking group in the southern California entertainment & communications media scene.

My name is Joe Nagle, and I am honored to assume my role as SoCal MediaPros President. I would like to take this opportunity to thank outgoing President Larry Stimson for his stellar work in guiding our austere little band of media dudes & dudettes through our first 2 years of existence. We have had some amazing meet-ups during your term, including topics like Introduction to Virtual Reality; Video Marketing Strategies; Lighting Concepts; and Tech On Wheels, to name but a few. You've certainly left some big shoes for me to fill. (It's a good thing I have such big feet!)

And thanks also to board members Art Kirsch, John Coleman, Brian Page, Tom Smith and Anne Ganguzza for all the hard work that you have put in to building this important organization from the ground up. I hope you will continue to work with me to keep the momentum going!

If you're a new member or just visiting here, be sure to bookmark our site & check back often to see what new & interesting stuff we come up with, like, wouldn't it be COOL if we held an event where videographers, voice actors, producers, directors, screenwriters, studio owners, editors, etc., could sit down in an informal, roundtable format & share or gain knowledge (and maybe business cards) with their peers, wannabe peers & potential business collaborators, about whatever they want to share or gain knowledge in? Maybe include a continental breakfast & a light lunch. Heck, I'd pay $20 for that opportunity!

Meanwhile, Lights! Camera! Action!


Joe Nagle

President, SoCal Media Pros,